ESUMA – Summer 2020

The last school year was particularly challenging owing to an abrupt interruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. During this period, ESUMA took the opportunity to regroup and restructure. Among other things, we revised our Terms of Reference, revamped the ESUMA website and set into motion a number of exciting projects in support of perseverance in all its shapes and forms.

Back‑to‑School Campaign 2020
There has been a lot of uncertainty regarding the ongoing school year. In the context of the pandemic, the return to school this August and September has been quite atypical. As students learn to adapt, they will need our continued encouragement and support to remain motivated. We must make ourselves available to them from the first day and throughout the school year.

For these reasons, ESUMA launched an interactive campaign highlighting the back‑to‑school period in order to promote the importance of supporting Nunavik students in their academic journey. As a community and for the entire school year, let us come together to keep the fire of perseverance alive, for our children’s future.

To the students: Your community cares about your academic success!

To the parents: Your presence and support are even more crucial to your children’s academic perseverance.

To the teachers and the community: Thank you for bravely remaining committed to the students’ academic success and for accompanying them as they face the unusual challenges of the school year ahead.

The campaign took place two weeks before the start of  the school year in Nunavik.

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