Kautaapikkut – Summer 2020

The mining sector in Nunavik is overseen by the Kautaapikkut Strategy Table whose mission is to dramatically increase Inuit representation in the local mining workforce, prioritizing women and youth.

The Kautaapikkut Strategy Table is a collection of Inuit and industry partner organizations working collaboratively and strategically to support Inuit training and employment in the Nunavik mineral sector.

The Table focuses on using innovative approaches to support Inuit career development, identify and address barriers and continuously improve on-the-ground services. Kautaapikkut Partners include the Kativik Regional Government, Makivik Corporation, Nunavik Landholding Corporation Association, Nunavik Mineral Exploration Fund, Kativik Ilisarniliriniq, Glencore and CRI. 

Email: info@kautaapikkut.ca / Facebook: Kautaapikkut2020

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All the employees living in the Communities have left the site since March 27, this coordinated with the regional public health authorities. With flights currently prohibited between the villages and the Raglan Mine site we are ensuring that there are no exposure to the Inuit communities. All permanent and temporary employees affected by this travel ban have been compensated at their base salary up until now.

Glencore Nunavimmiut employees (permanent and temporary with a schedule) will continue to receive their base salary until the end of July 2020, after which we will revise.  This is, however, under the assumption that we remain in operation so that we can finance those salaries. Please note that this is not a return to work date. Raglan Mine will respect the decision-making of the regional health officials and will not allow travel from the site to the communities until instructed. The Tamatumani agents remains the best way for Inuit employees to be informed policies and procedures in the coming months.  



The Covid-19 has greatly affected the Inuit training program at CRI. As the mine close in March all employees were send in their respective village. The mine have since re-opened but because of the travel restriction between villages in Nunavik the number of Inuit employees on site is limited to the ones living in Montreal.

No case of Covid-19 on site, CRI is putting together a plan to be able to do rapid testing on site.

The new Employment & Training Officer is on site and working on return on Inuit employees’ protocol as soon as travel ban is over.

For 2020/2021 training program CRI has plan to hire and train 33% more Inuit than in 2019/2020.

Some (trainee) employees are already on site (the Inuit employee residing in Montreal) but the majority are to be hire when the travel ban is over. CRI hopes that starting September 2020 the travel situation in Nunavik will be back to normal.

As far as the contractor, they are in the same situation (travel ban) as CRI. However starting October 2020, a new contractor will start its operation at the mine. This new contractor has committed to hire and train as many Inuit employees as possible.